Four Top Attractions And A Few Bonuses For You To Enjoy While Exploring Jackson MS

Four Top Attractions And A Few Bonuses For You To Enjoy While Exploring Jackson MS

Four Top Attractions And A Few Bonuses For You To Enjoy While Exploring Jackson MS

You are going to love your time spent in Jackson MS. It is the state’s capital city, and it is a cultural hub and urban center. With 56 listed attractions according to a top travel site, Jackson has plenty of things to do to keep you and your family entertained. You know you are going to want to spend some time along the Pearl River. And you will certainly enjoy these four exciting attractions in Jackson MS.

The Jackson Zoo is on West Capitol Street. This is a smaller, niche type zoo, which should be unique and fun to explore. One person talks about the animals being friendly and getting up close and personal. I am sure that’s nice, but it was funny that this reviewer mentioned getting up right up close to the bears and tigers. In all seriousness, that actually sounds really cool since you would be safe, and it also sounds like something you can’t always expect at a larger zoo.

Not only is the Jackson Zoo a great place to visit, but so is this next landmark attraction, the Eudora Welty House. The home of this Pulitzer Prize winning author is lovely, and so are the gardens. The tour guide is said to be very informative, and so you get to learn a lot about the author, and her home, too. This is one of those stops that you will be glad that you made while visiting Jackson MS.

Next you can stop by Lucky Town Brewing Company. Delicious craft beer and an informative tour await you at North Mill Street. Reviews mention that Lucas is the person that gives the tours, and one person mentioned that he has a friend who operates a brewery in Dallas, too. When you visit Lucky Town Brewery, you get to choose from over 30 craft beers on tap.

The Russell C Davis Planetarium on East Pascagoula Street also makes for a nice stop. Reviews mention that local school kids go on field trips there. People do say that the facilities need to be updated, but that the place is nice nonetheless. Plus, the educational experience is said to be exceptional.

Stop by these four attractions in Jackson MS for a fun time. I want to give you the names of a few others, too. You can also visit Mynelle Gardens, the Oaks Museum House and the Mississippi War Memorial Building. Remember, there are 56 top attractions in Jackson MS, so you have plenty of others to explore as well.

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